Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am-3pm


Artisan Crafts Wish List.

- Fabric Store Gift Cards

- Cricut Machine and Cartridges

- Sewing Machines & Notions

-Paper Cutter

​- Construction Paper, Card Stock 

-Clear Plastic Storage Tubs

- Christmas Lights- 25,50,75 (Various Colors)

- Scissors, Paint Brushes, Paints, Felt, Ribbon, Yarn 

- Hot Glue guns and sticks, Craft Glue, Fabric Glue

-Rebar Stakes

- Hockey Pucks

​- Old Dishes, Old Glassware, Muffin Tin Pans

- Spinning Wheel,  Looms,  Carding Paddles

- Crochet Needles &Hooks

- Fabric Hoops(various sizes)

- Baskets, Clear Cellophane Wrap for Gift Baskets

-  Basket Weaving Reeds

-  Old Socks

- Old Jeans, Plain Sweatshirts, Fabrics

- Candy Molds

- Acrylic Spray

​- Essential Oils